Design Associates Kauai Portfolio
  • Project: Liddel-Valentin Residence
  • Location: Nonou Estates, Kaua`i
  • Description: This modest yet stately home features a wrap around porch with seating for sixty, and soaring 17' ceilings with 360 degree clerestory windows in the central great room
Clean symmetry defines the front of this classically inspired home. The house was carefully oriented to exactly align with the Makaleha Mountains visible in the background.The front entry is a deeply inset and cantilevered portico with custom door and matching sidelights. Instead of downspouts, copper cups on chains guide cascading water into drains below. Above are the 20 360 degree wrapping clerestory windows of the central great room.detail shot of the tulip shaped cups, and architectural front entry lighting. Note the continuous band of ventilation around the perimeter of the soffited deck eaves.The Liddle/Valentin house is tucked below the mauka (inland) side the the Sleeping giant. Looming above is the 'head' and 'chest' of the giant. Note the strong focus by the windows on the corners of the house.detail of the side entry. The lone circular window is a common DAK signature element.The floor plan of the house is shaped like a giant 'U' with the open end toward Makaleha. The two 'wings' of the house embrace and create a sheltered private outside space, which is covered by an oversized trellis structure with a glass roof to protect from rain.The back viewing area is protected by the house, and sheltered by the glass-roofed trellis. The height of the trellis was carefully determined so as not to obstruct the view of Makaleha Mountains from the interior. The 16'-0" sliding glass doors disappear into side pockets.The detached garage continues the themes developed by the main house with mitered glass corner windows in the workroom end, and a string of five tiny windows providing light and fresh air to the garage.The roof form of the Liddle/Valentin house appears deceptively simple. Note the large skylight on the roof peak of the on the right side of this image. This brings natural light into the interior of the Master Bedroom Suite.

Drawings and Renderings